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Are you a 4×4 enthusiast, avid off-roader, or just love to go camping, hiking, or be out in the middle of nowhere with a few friends. Well Hopefully you said yes to all of the above because that is what we are about. This site is dedicated to you and we are trying to do our very best to get you information about your vehicles, the trails you are driving on, the equipment you have installed on your vehicle (or don’t have and want or need), or any other questions you may have about anything 4×4 related. Please be patient with us as our site is under construction which may take a few days. I hope the information on here so far is helpful. Please (and I really mean this cause I check the comments daily) let me know if there is anything that you would like to see on this site. They always say two heads are better than one so lets build this site together. You give me ideas of what you like or want to see and I will do my best to make it happen. Thank you for your support and patience and we hope you will keep coming back to see whats new.

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ATV Safety Tips – Staying Safe on the Trail

by admin on September 29, 2012

01323459297_p1020610.jpgAll-Terrain Vehicles (or ATVs, as they’re commonly known) are a fun, exciting way to explore off-road trails or travel around your property. Some of the most powerful are able to hit speeds of around 70 miles per hour, screaming over brush and hills, through mud, and over uneven trails. Naturally, there’s a bit of inherent danger in such a vehicle, and operating safely requires a fair amount of care and precision.
ATVs are well-known for their tendency to roll over if not handled correctly, and the dangers of flipping your ATV at 70 mph are nothing to sniff at. Every year, hundreds of people die and thousands of people are injured as a result of ATV accidents and, unsurprisingly, many of these deaths and injuries occur in children under the age of 14. Because of this, it’s important not only to know and practice good ATV safety practices yourself, but to also instill these good habits into your children as well.
If you’re planning on operating an ATV, there’s a few safety tips you need to know, namely:

Choose the right ATV before you buy it.

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It begins with the helmet. And even if your state doesn’t require a motorcycle or ATV helmet, be smarter than the average rider, and ride with a helmet. To begin, choose a helmet that fits. Safety Tips For Harley Motorcycle Drivers

Every motorcycle rider should observe the different safety tips when driving his motorcycle to ensure not only his safety but also the safety of other motorists. It is ideal to know the basic maintenance and repair works to ensure your Harley motorcycle is always in tip top shape. Safety Tips For Driving With Your Baby

Safety is something that we should always think about. Like the old saying goes, “It’s better to be safe than sorry.” Driving with our little ones can be very overwhelming, and make us a little nervous to do so. Their safety is just as important as ours! Therefore, we need to make sure we’re providing a safe environment for the both of us. Safety Rules For Working on Your Car

If its the first time you have ever worked on your car you may be nervous knowing the fact that if you mess if the repair you can only make things worse. Some people even go as far as thinking that the car may explode if they connect the wrong wire! Don’t worry this won’t happen, but what will happen if you do make a mistake, is your car may not work and you might put it into an even worse state.Know what you need it to do, and don’t bite off more than you can chew.
Make sure you have the proper safety equipment, and that you always wear it. Helmets are vital to safe riding, and they can save your life in an accident. Goggles or other eye protection are also important.
Make sure the conditions are safe for driving before you go out. Just as driving in inclement weather can be dangerous, riding an ATV under the wrong conditions can be downright deadly. Make sure the visibility is good before you go out on the trail.
Keep your ATV in good operating condition. When your vehicle isn’t properly maintained, you can’t expect it to be safe.
Be sure to keep the tires inflated and change them when they need to be. Check oil and gas levels, and make sure all the lines are clean and functioning.
If your children are operating the ATV, make sure you provide adult supervision.
Don’t take unnecessary chances when riding an ATV. Always be careful, think ahead, and anticipate danger.

Being aware of the potential dangers that may await you is half the battle for ATV safety. Following these tips can help prevent a costly accident and a long hospital stay, or worse. If you are injured in an ATV accident due to a manufacturing error, you may be owed financial compensation. To find out more, visit habush.com.


ATV Safety – Don’t Leave Home Without It

by admin on September 29, 2012

21323459297_dscf3056.jpgIt doesn’t matter if you have been riding for years, or you are a proud owner of a brand new 4 wheeler, common sense and attention to safety procedures should always be in the front of your mind. Many accidents happen every year because of people taking for granted their capabilities on the ATV trails.
The most common rule that is broken is you should always wear a helmet when riding, in fact in many places it is the law to wear a helmet. I know there is probably no one around for miles and miles, but keep in mind you are not wearing a helmet for other people, you are wearing it for yourself. We never know what might happen and it is best to err on the side of caution than to become a statistic. Always wear your helmet. This can’t be stressed enough.
Second rule that is most often broken is drinking and driving. Yeah I know it is fun to hang out with your buddies and ride some trails while downing some brewskis.
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ATV’s are great fun, there is nothing like spending a weekend riding the back road trails on an ATV. Aside from the tons of excitement and fun you will have it is important to keep safety in mind. Start by taking a certified ATV safety course to ensure a fun filled and accident free great time. ATV Riding and the Environment

As you know, riding an ATV is fun, no wait, it’s a lot of fun. Of course you know that safety is one of the biggest concerns for ATV riders, but another concern that we should never forget about is the potential dangerous effects that riding can have on the environment. It’s important to be respectful at all times while riding-respect the potential dangers of the ride, respect other riders, and respect the lands and trails on which you ride. Mini Quad ATV – Safety Features For Kids

With the growing popularity of outdoor extreme sports, more and more people are beginning to follow the trend. Due to the sport’s growing popularity, kids are starting to ride Mini Quad ATVs as well. ATV Safety Tips – Staying Safe on the Trail

All-Terrain Vehicles (or ATVs, as they’re commonly known) are a fun, exciting way to explore off-road trails or travel around your property. Some of the most powerful are able to hit speeds of around 70 miles per hour, screaming over brush and hills, through mud, and over uneven trails. Naturally, there’s a bit of inherent danger in such a vehicle, and operating safely requires a fair amount of care and precision.Although drinking and driving is just not smart no matter what type of vehicle your driving or where your driving at. One beer has the ability to slow your responses, and one wrong turn on a ATV trail could be your last. Save the beers till after you finish riding once your safe back home, celebrating the successful and fun days riding.
Third rule to be broken is going out riding by yourself. When riding ATV trails it is always best to go with a friend. I can’t count how many times friends of mine have headed out into the mountains by themselves. This is just not a good idea in my book. A simple fall off of your 4 wheeler in an environment that is harsh at night could turn into a life threatening situation.
It is a good idea to always carry a cell phone with you on rides.
Now I know that your phone might not always work off roading, although it is probably smarter to have it with you than not. Even having a phone for directions in case you get lost could help tremendously.
If it is possible keep maps with you of the areas that you will be riding in. It is even a good idea to have two with separate people carrying them. It could really come in handy when exploring new trails. Having a map of the area you will be riding in would sure be a lot better than shivering on a trail not knowing where you are and wondering how your going to get back.
Make sure that you get the weather forecast before going out on a ride. ATV’s are built for sloppy conditions, although it is helpful to know what type of elements you might encounter on your ride. By knowing the weather forecast you can dress appropriately or bring along gear that you might need if conditions become bad.
Last but not least make sure you and the people you will be with are healthy enough for the ride and trails you will be on. Having someone with you that is feeling ill or sporting a physical injury is probably not the best person to have riding with you. Riding can be postponed to another day when you are feeling better. A person that is feeling bad will probably end up not enjoying themselves anyways, why take the chance.
By following these tips you can almost be positive that your ride will end up a good one and most important of all a safe one.


Reason To Buy A Polaris Atv

by admin on September 28, 2012

11323458609_polaris-700-atv.jpgThere are many good reasons to buy a used ATV and the price is often the number one reason. If it is wise to buy a second hand Yamaha ATV is different question that needs to be answered. In this article we take a closer look at all the things you need to consider before you decide to buy a second hand ATV.

There are many different types of ATV’s these days and because there is a growing popularity there will be even more the coming years. There are even specially build ones for children so you can take a ride with the whole family. And although most are still bought for adults the possibility to go on an adventure trip with your kids just sounds great for a lot of ATV fans.

The popularity of these kind of vehicles opened the doors for another niche: second hand or used ATVs. The most popular brand at this time is definitely the Yamaha ATV and this is also the case in the used section.

However there are some things you need to consider before you go for a used Yamaha ATV or any other brand.

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The Credit of introducing the all terrain vehicles or ATVs goes to Polaris. They have been this vehicle business from the 50s & it was during the 80s, the first ATV made by America was launched in the market. Today, Polaris is a leader in producing some of the best sport utility products. Polaris Bulbs

This article gives you a general idea of the High intensity discharge lights that are installed on to motorcycles. Polaris HID bulbs assure to illuminate your path ahead and make the bike visible to other motorists and bikers. With the aid of the technological advancements in xenon bulbs and other lighting components the HID technology has become much more dependable. 2009 Polaris Sportsman XP Models

There’s a strikingly similar question for buyers in the market for a middle-of-the-road Polaris utility quad. With a mere $400 price difference between two strong contenders, which mid-displacement Polaris ATV offers the most bang for the buck? Candidate A, the Sportsman 400 H.O., rides atop a newer platform (see: change), while Candidate B, the Sportsman 500 H.O., is the company’s token utility quad and one of the best selling ATVs of all time (see: experience). Reasons For Buying A Kid ATV

There are many kids that are enjoying the fun Riding Kids ATV today. They are riding around on one of these fun and exciting vehicles and having a great time. Even . ATVs are very fun and they’ve come a long way with safety since the days of three wheelers. Riding kid ATVs has become very popular recently. This is because of the affordability and the increase in safety for kids ATVs.Most of the time when you buy a second hand vehicle you don’t buy it from a dealer and you don’t have the same guarantees you would have if you where buying a new one. So you need to make sure that you buy a used ATV that is your money’s worth.

Quality is just as important as price

If you found a Yamaha ATV on the internet or in a local paper that you like, you need to actually go and see it and check it out thoroughly. This is something you can do yourself if you know a bit of ATV’s or you can ask a licensed mechanic or someone else you know who knows what to look for. You need to make sure to check the quality of the vehicle and if it is going to be the one you are looking for.
If the quality is not good enough you should not bother buying it. You will find that a lot of the second hand Yamaha ATVs are good in quality but often the prices are higher then they are actually worth.

Good quality? Then talk to the Seller

When you have given the vehicle a once over and you are satisfied over the quality you should not immediately buy the thing, You need a good talk to the seller, they can often give you a lot of information about the ATV and there will be a few questions you need to ask.

You should ask about:

.The number of miles
. Are there certain parts replaced for example the engine (miles)
. Are there parts that need replacing in the near future
. Why is the owner selling his or her Yamaha ATV

Educate yourself

Before you buy a used Yamaha ATV or any other brand you should read at least some reviews about the model of ATV you are considering to buy. You should also look up the seller that you are dealing with. Often sellers get ratings online and that is something you should definitely take a look at before you buy anything from them. If you don’t buy online or there are no ratings (yet) you need to go on your gut feeling and that is often a very good indicator , so if your gut says no, then don’t do it.


Finding Atvs 4 Sale

by admin on September 28, 2012

f_11323457955_9.jpgThere are numerous great good reasons to purchase a utilized ATV and the value is usually the quantity one particular reason. If it is wise to acquire a 2nd hand Yamaha ATV is diverse question that desires to be answered. In this write-up we get a closer glimpse at all the issues you want to think about just before you determine to get a 2nd hand ATV.

There are several diverse varieties of ATV’s these days and because there is a expanding reputation there will be even far more the coming decades. There are even specifically develop ones for kids so you can get a experience with the complete loved ones. And although most are still bought for grown ups the probability to go on an journey trip with your youngsters just seems fantastic for a great deal of ATV enthusiasts.

The attractiveness of these type of autos opened the doorways for yet another specialized niche: second hand or utilized ATVs.

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Whether you use your ATV for work or for pleasure of for both, the tire you choose will make a big difference in the machines performance. But performance does not have to break the bank as some cheap ATV tires can offer you the same results as an expensive tire. Importance Of Having The Perfect ATV Tires

There’s practically nothing as fun as obtaining an ATV. Still, numerous ATV owners do not understand the value of the kind of ATV tires that are on their fun toy, and that tires can enhance outdoor experiences or ruin them. The Industry Changed With Beats 4 Sale

This article was written by a rapper, for rappers. If you want to learn a lot about the music industry and how you can come up fast, read this!The most well-liked brand at this time is absolutely the Yamaha ATV and this is also the scenario in the utilized part.

Nonetheless there are some issues you want to take into account just before you go for a employed Yamaha ATV or any other brand. Most of the time when you purchase a 2nd hand vehicle you don’t purchase it from a dealer and you don’t have the very same guarantees you would have if you wherever purchasing a new one particular. So you need to have to make positive that you acquire a utilized ATV that is your money’s value.

Top quality is just as important as price tag

If you found a Yamaha ATV on the internet or in a local paper that you like, you require to truly go and see it and examine it out thoroughly. This is something you can do your self if you know a bit of ATV’s or you can request a licensed mechanic or a person else you know who understands what to glimpse for. You need to have to make certain to examine the high quality of the motor vehicle and if it is heading to be the a single you are hunting for. If the good quality is not excellent sufficient you need to not bother buying it. You will locate that a great deal of the 2nd hand Yamaha ATVs are very good in good quality but usually the prices are larger then they are really worth.

Very good top quality? Then talk to the Seller

When you have presented the motor vehicle a once over and you are content around the top quality you ought to not quickly purchase the issue, You need to have a excellent chat to the seller, they can usually give you a whole lot of information about the ATV and there will be a number of queries you need to have to ask.

You should inquire about:

.The range of miles
. Are there particular components replaced for instance the engine (miles)
. Are there elements that need to have replacing in the close to potential
. Why is the operator marketing his or her Yamaha ATV

Educate oneself

Ahead of you purchase a employed Yamaha ATV or any other brand name you ought to examine at least some reviews about the model of ATV you are considering to buy. You really should also look up the seller that you are dealing with. Frequently sellers get ratings on the web and that is something you should certainly consider a search at prior to you get anything from them. If you don’t buy on the internet or there are no ratings (however) you require to go on your gut feeling and that is typically a extremely great indicator , so if your gut says no, then don’t do it. You can also locate ATV’s four sale here.


Learn More Around 4 Wheeler Atv

by admin on September 28, 2012

f_0ap512.jpgTaking your four wheeler off street is one of the huge causes you little doubt purchased your ATV within the very first location. That feeling of being capable to journey effortlessly over extremely difficult terrain is why the ATV is now such a popular recreational vehicle. We do not truly think about it very much however the engineering that goes into a four wheeler is pretty phenomenal. Manufacturers that supply ATVs for the four wheeler markets make these machines to get essentially ready for anything. They understand that individuals who personal all terrain vehicles get that title seriously and actually will take that ATV onto probably the most challenging and hostile environments and expect them to roll over downed trees ravines something else they could encounter in the wild and achieve this with ease.

Its a excellent thought nonetheless to get some typical sense about the way you use your ATV and what you’ll expect it to accomplish for you personally.

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It really is small wonder that youngsters and teenagers get fired up about getting their own four wheelers. If they’ve got enjoyed the pleasure and enjoyable of taking an ATV off street with mom or dad… Learn More Regarding 4 Wheelers

A four wheeler otherwise recognized as an all terrain automobile or ATV usually lives two lives. Many of us probably consider a four wheeler as truly cool recreational vehicle. To rent an ATV for an af…This principle is a lot more essential when a younger particular person requires the controls of your four wheeler and requires it off road. There is certainly lots of electrical power in an ATV that provides it the ability to roll above brush and trees without having hesitating. Pound for pound an ATV is a lot more effective and takes on much better problems than even the conventional family vehicle.

That electrical power can provide the inexperienced rider a sense of freedom and energy that may delude the driver into considering there’s absolutely nothing this machine cant get on. The widespread feeling you or whoever drives your ATV should be nicely in contact with is the fact that a four wheeler just isn’t a tank and its feasible to place it inside a scenario that it cannot deal with.
And if you get to charging through an off road environment without problem for reality or security the outcome can be a break down or accident which can be a catastrophe.

Despite the fact that your four wheeler can do amazing points you have to know exactly what it cannot do. Only someone who has driven the ATV really somewhat and understands it well ought to be authorized to consider it into unexplored territory. That wisdom to cease before taking that car into territory that could be past the capabilities with the ATV will be the typical perception that any ATV operator or operator should have.

Additionally to typical perception preparing and regard for safety rules should also be second nature to ATV driver and passengers alike. Simple principles like not drinking whilst driving a four wheeler the usage of seat belts and helmets and the way to organize for an outing therefore you have communications and first aid devices on hand ought to it be necessary must be a requirement for almost any four wheeler driver. In case you are properly in touch with all the principles of the best way to use an ATV responsibly and you are often ready for your sudden you are able to take that powerful machine out for a lot of adventures off road realizing that you simply are carrying out so responsibly and safely.


Find Out More Regarding Polaris 4 Wheeler

by admin on September 28, 2012

01323458530_dsc-0257.jpgOnce you purchase your initial four wheeler you will find some priorities that make a big distinction to you personally. If it is fashion and look you get to understand what your mates have and maybe acquire that which means you will probably be riding an ATV that’s cool. But for a lot of whore going to create the investment within a high quality four wheeler can be summed up in one statement. I want the toughest four wheeler there is.

Its easy to record the big names in ATV sales which would include Honda Yamaha Suzuki and others that are popular. But with regards to buying a four wheeler that’s clearly revered since the toughest device inside the four wheeler line a bit known identify stands out. That title is Polaris.

The Polaris ATV is really a four wheeler that has for decades been called the actual workhorse of this classification of vehicles.

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Physical enhancement processes target signs of aging. Lines and wrinkles on the face are some of the most evident indicators of age. Several facial enhancement processes can be implemented to rectify these facial issues. One of the more well-known techniques is the facelift, which is considered to be an aggressive procedure. There are also minimally invasive routines that usually involve injections, like Botox. Wrinkle correction methods like the Polaris laser treatment are examples of the non-i Find Out More On HGH Anti Aging

Whether you’re concerned in regards to the onset of old age and the wellness problems in my bring or you just desire to do away with your graying hair wrinkles and age spots an HGH anti getting older t… Learn More Regarding Anti Aging Skin Product

As we age our pores and skin undergoes several adjustments. You could encounter wrinkles age spots shadows under your eyes and sagging particularly below the chin. Additionally you might discover various ones…It really is created to get in a position to resist nearly any problem and offer strength and electrical power to get able to consider you everywhere you’ll need to go and do the hard work that several other brands of ATVs just cant handle.

The rise with the four wheeler in recognition began with utility consumers who required to off road to achieve hard work opportunities that traditional cars and trucks could not handle. Its been within the last couple of decades the relaxation from the world have discovered the recreational and sports makes use of of 4 wheelers. But in all classifications the Polaris stands out as an ATV that can deal with any challenge whether or not it is a utility car or 1 to take an adventure lover into any terrain he desires to discover.

Going four wheeling appeals to sportsmen and ladies who love severe sports and who want to throw by themselves into what ever they’re performing.
These sorts of enthusiasts anticipate the ATV they consider in to the wilderness to manage what ever they throw at it and roll right above any hurdles so that they can enjoy their journey without any concern that their trip will allow them down. Unlike some of the a lot more well known can make of 4 wheelers its the Polaris that’s known for getting in a position to barrel proper through muddy conditions to remain within the transfer in snow or ice and to charge over fallen trees and other obstructions with no difficulty.

Another function from the Polaris that makes it the workhorse ATV from the business is its capability to manage a payload. You can use a Polaris to drag brush or pull a car out of the mud. Its that powerful. The Polaris 4 wheeler is equipped with big rear racks for carrying luggage resources or what ever you will need for the off road mission that day and also the Polaris is capable of supporting hundreds of pounds of load in those racks. Tiny wonder this is actually the ATV for folks who require a solid and reliable piece of machinery to go where they need to go and be there with them to have the hard function or even the hard play completed.


What to look for when buying a mid-sized SUV

by admin on September 28, 2012

Well to start with we need to determine what you are going to be using it for. Look through the list of applications and pick the top one that you think you will be looking to use your vehicle for.

- Every day driving/transportaion

-Family vehicle/hauling kids around

-Planning to leave it stock but may do some camping/ trail riding

-Love to camp and go offroad but don’t want to invest too much money

-Looking for something I can put a small amount of money into and be able to take it on some easy 4×4 trails

-Extreme offroader and will beat the crap out of it on hard trails, drag it through the mud, and take it on some extreme climbs in the rocks

-want something that looks good, I have lots of money but I really don’t do much offroading. I just like a huge lift and want it to look big and mean       and still drive well on the road

Ok, so now we know what we want to use the vehicle for, now it’s time to pick one.

I know that most people already have a preference on make when it comes to a car, truck, or SUV. Since we are focusing on SUV’s right now lets just go through the list of available options.


















Alright, so there are a ton to choose from!! (and I probably left some out) The first thing we need to figure out is probably, Do I really need a 4×4? The nice thing about having 4×4 is that it will help you get out of a tight spot. I have experience with driving a 2 wheel drive and getting stuck. I was driving a 92 chevy extended cab truck and pulled off the shoulder in the rain. When I went to pull back onto the road my front tires were turned but the truck was going straight into the ditch the opposite way I was turning! I found myself having to call a friend to pull me out. If you are just going to be driving around town you probably only need 2 wheel drive. But you probably didn’t come to this site looking for a 2 wheel drive vehicle. It will save you on gas but you are stuck if you find a slick spot and the wheels just spin. Even taking a load of trash too the dump can get you stuck. (I experienced that in the same truck)

The other question you should ask yourself is, am I going to be towing a trailer with this SUV. It could be a small utility trailer all the way up to a toyhauler. (I recommend getting a pickup to haul anything bigger than a tent trailer or 16 ft travel trailer) I have however pulled my 24′ travel trailer with my Jeep Cherokee XJ. Most of the smaller SUV’s have 4 or 6 cylinder engines and some don’t have very much torque. You could easily blow a head gasket or motor trying to climb a small grade if you have too much weight behind you.

So once you have answered these two questions, we can move on.

Next I guess is power v.s. MPG (miles per gallon). If you are looking for something that will get you there and back on one tank then something with a smaller motor is usually going to be the answer, BUT NOT ALWAYS! If you buy an older vehicle that has a carberator v.s. a newer one with fuel injection you may find that the newer one (even though it has a bigger motor) gets better gas mileage. I have a Jeep Cherokee that has a 6 cylinder in it and gets 17-19 on the freeway and a Cadillac that has a V8 in it and gets 24-27 on the freeway. The Jeep is 4×4 and the motor is bigger than you would expect for a 6 cylinder and the Cadillac is 2 wheel drive but just for arguments sake you hear 6 cylinder and V8 and you instantly think oh, the 6 cylinder probably gets better gas mileage. Just saying, make sure you do your research if gas usage is that big of an issue to you. With oil prices going up I guess it is an issue but……. Moving on!

Now we come to size. Does size really matter? Ok, sorry… Do you plan on loading up a ton of people and luggage? Do you want 4 doors or two. remember that 2 doors means you have to squeeze through that little gap between the seat and the door jamb to get into the back seat. I am skinny but 6′ 4″ and I have back problems. It’s not easy to get into the back of my pickup. One of these days I will be getting a 4 door. Also, do you have kids still in their car seat? If so, save yourself some pain and get the 4 door. If you usually ride 2 deep and don’t load a ton of stuff then maybe a 2 door would be better. Some of the 2 door vehicles look better anyway. Also, some 2 door vehicles offer more room in the back (trunk) space. It just depends on what you are going to be using it for so plan ahead. The other issue with size (I would know about this one) is how tall the driver is compared to how far the drivers seat goes back. Make sure you can comfortably drive the vehicle and aren’t all scrunched up against the steering wheel. That isn’t safe! Airbags can kill you or break your arms or face! So please make sure you are comfortable.

Speaking of comfort. Cloth or leather interior. If you live in an area where it gets hot and you have leather… 1. It will not last as long cause the heat will dry it out and it will rip and crack and start looking bad really soon. 2. If you sweat, you will stick! Drive for an hour in a car with leather seats and tell me that you didn’t stick to the seat when you tried to get out. Yeah it’s nice and comfy for short drives but on the long haul it gets irritating. Plus maintaining it (if you want it to last) is more of a chore.

My next question would be. Do I want power windows, door locks, seats, seat warmers, etc. Yeah it’s nice to have all the fancy gadgets in your car that make it seem all luxurious and easy. But make sure you know what you are going to be using the car for first! If you plan on dragging the beast through the mud and getting it really dirty all the time, no matter how many times you wash it, that mud, dirt, muck, sand, sludge, etc. will work its way into your electronics and before you know it your window won’t roll down or your door won’t lock or worse unlock using your remote. Heaven forbid you have to use your key to unlock your door. So just make sure you think about the application before you go too fancy. Plus you’ll save a little money if you go with the bare bones manual everything package.

Like I mentioned before, if you plan on using the vehicle to tow a small tent trailer or something, make sure you get something with a little more torque. You will want to get a decent tow package. There are different size electric hook-ups so try to get one with at least a 6 prong plug. You can always get adapters but you want to be able to power the brakes on the trailer especially in an SUV. Also I would recommend getting a trailer brake controller. This will help you adjust the brakes and reduce the risk of jack-knifing.

Luggage. How much are you planning on carrying. Are you one of those people who dumps their dresser drawers into ten suitcases and has to jump on them to get them to zip up? You always want to be prepared but if you go somewhere and like to shop then you’ll want room to spare so you can bring more stuff home. Some SUV’s offer a good amount of room in the back but some don’t. So if you need space make sure you check the trunk. Also, most SUV’s have an option to fold the back seat down so if you only have two people in the car you can fit a lot more stuff. If you aren’t worried about size and you end up finding yourself running out of room you can always get a luggage carrier. There are a couple different options when choosing a luggage carrier. They make ones that will mount to the roof rack that came factory on your vehicle. There is a weight limit on these stock roof racks so be careful not to overload. I have lost my roof rack before by carrying a mattress on my Jeep. The weight wasn’t the issue, it was more the wind. Load capacity was 150 lbs but they don’t tell you how much upward force it can take. The wind picked up the mattress and ripped the grommets that hold the rack to the roof. It sounded like a huge zipper and my rack and mattress went flying into the middle of the road. I would recommend getting the rack that mounts to the gutter rail if you have one. This allows the rack to be bolted on and it will not come off with either upward or downward force. It also increases the weight limit. The other option is to use a trailer hitch carrier. If you have a tow package and are not using it to haul a trailer you can mount your luggage carrier to the hitch and carry quite a bit of weight there. The issue with this is that you either have to unload and remove the rack to open the lift gate or load and unload whatever you may have in the back hatch through the doors. The do have some options that will swing out of the way to gain access to the gate but these are hard to find and more expensive.

Now that we have covered all these details, I think you are ready to go shopping for your SUV. Everything that I have covered here is based on personal experience and may or may not have answered all your questions. If you have any other questions or would like to add anything that I may have missed please leave a comment.





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